Hearing Help UK welcomes new volunteers. Our volunteers are a vital part of the team. Volunteers bring a range of skills and experience that compliments the work we do with our service users.

Volunteers are people from all walks of life who want to make a difference. Whatever your skills and interests are and whatever time you can spare we can offer you training and the chance to:

  • Make new friends in a warm and friendly environment.
  • Gain new experiences.
  • Develop new skills.
  • Try something different.
  • Make your community a better place.
  • Have Fun!

We need volunteers NOW for the following placements!  

|  Admin Volunteer |  Driving Volunteer  |  Peer Support  Volunteer  |  Fundraising Volunteer  |  Outreach Volunteer  |  Cleaning Volunteer  |  Social Volunteer  | 

Please contact us on 01773 570976 or email enquiries@hearinghelpuk.uk for further information.