Did you know that one in six people in the UK have a hearing loss and
may not hear your message if you do not take action?

Businesses spend a lot of money ensuring their employees promote their company message. Everyone
who comes in contact with your business or organisation needs to be able to hear and feel heard. If
not, they are free to spend their money elsewhere.

The Equality Act 2010, the Human Rights Act 2010 and the Care Act 2014 all set out the requirements
for the provision of access for those with disabilities, including hearing impairment, to anywhere with
public access. Our service will help with your compliance.

Using the right equipment and training your staff to use it can make a huge difference to your
customers and your reputation. The correct hearing support equipment provides a user friendly and
effective support solution. Hearing Help UK can assist you through the process of implementing a
hearing support system to meet your business or organisation’s needs.

Audio Frequency Induction Loops or Hearing Loops help those who wear hearing aids to hear clearly
in noisy environments or where it is very important for them to hear and understand information. A
hearing aid picks up sound from the immediate vicinity and amplifies it depending on the individual’s
needs. However, in a noisy environment such as a public event or a wedding, the amount of
background noise (talking, footsteps, chairs moving etc) can drown out the speech of those talking
on a platform some distance away even if they are using a public address system (microphone and
speakers). A hearing loop system takes sound from the microphone and sends it into a magnetic field
generated by the loop driver. The hearing aid is set to the ‘T’ or Loop Program and it will then pick up
sound directly from the hearing loop. The internal microphones in the aid are switched off so that the
background noise is reduced or eliminated.

Unfortunately, many hearing loops are installed and not properly commissioned so that they work
poorly or not at all. In addition, with little or no maintenance, many loops which did work, gradually
deteriorate. Other loops may work well but are then connected to a ceiling microphone or other
microphone placed in the room and left open. This then picks up all sound from within the room,
including all of the talking, chair shuffling etc which makes the hearing loop completely pointless.