Service Contracts

An annual service contract provides re-assurance that your loop system continues to meet relevant standards. How sure are you that your hearing support system is working? If it is not, you may be missing out on reaching 11 million customers with hearing loss in the UK. After having your system installed or serviced by us we would like to offer you the opportunity of our annual maintenance package.

Hearing Help UK recommends that your hearing support systems are checked internally on a quarterly basis. Hearing support systems need proactive maintenance to ensure that you continue reaching out to the 11 million customers with hearing loss in the UK.

We will service your hearing support systems so that faults are identified, preventative measures can be taken to ensure the continued reliability of the system, and that your business is made aware of any changes to your building that affects the performance of the hearing support system.

This price is per loop system, per premises. It includes:-

  • Site visit.
  • System will be tested in line with all relevant standards.
  • Training in use and maintenance of the loop.
  • Minor faults such as re-fixing signage, cabling and microphones covered.
  • Should replacement parts or substantial works be required to correct the fault a subsequent quotation for discussed works will be provided.
  • A certificate of service maintenance valid for 12 months

Please note that an annual maintenance will only be offered after either a Hearing Help UK installation or service call, within 12 months. This means that we can ensure that the system is up to a set quality standard.


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