Why do I need Hearing Help UK to install my Loop System?

Without specialist knowledge and advice, installing hearing support equipment effectively can be difficult.

Key considerations include: Magnetic interference from other electrical equipment and wiring such as fluorescent lights, light-dimming systems or power cables. This interference is picked up directly by users’ hearing aids.

High metal content in a building can impact on loop systems.

Overspill of the sound signal into adjoining areas. Walls, ceilings and floors don’t block magnetic fields produced by loop systems so hearing aid users outside the room may be able to pick up sounds if their hearing aids are switched to the ‘T’ setting. This is important if you’re thinking of fitting more than one loop into a building or using an induction loop for confidential meetings.

You may be able to integrate your new loop or infrared system into an existing sound system, so that you can use the same microphones and save on installation charges. Again, we can advise on this.


Our commitment to you:

We will come to your premises to carry out a survey to assess your requirements and work with you to identify the most suitable equipment. It is important to remember that loop systems in public buildings must be installed to British Standards. Our team are skilled at working in many different venues and installing equipment to professional standards, ensuring it meets all of your current and future needs, government regulations and works effectively and safely.


For further information, please contact us on 01773 570976 or email us on info@hearinghelpuk.uk